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by Tony Berrio



I would like to share with you today a project from Magnus Larsson, architect and inventor who would like transform the Sahara desert using a bacteria. 
His idea is envsioning a system to turn the desert sand into a construction material using quemicals that empower a bacteria that solidifies the sand into a solid material. His objective it is to be able to inhabit some areas of the desert using local materials. 
Larsson's has developed a method that consist in injecting bacteria into the dunes to solidify certain areas producing cavities that could be emptied once the cave is stable.


Larsson has developed the experiment in the laboratoy observing that this method is generating a micro sand skeleton that could serve the structure for the cave. 
This idea along with its sophisticated design process could allow to generate shelter in the desert for communities, explorers or travelers whitout changing the ecosystem dramtically.


How to colonize these structures in the middle of a changing enviroment - bear in mind that the dunes move everyday, at a speed about 600 m/year- is perhaps a challenge but also part of its beauty. Sometimes during the year the structure would be exposed, and some others nearly hidden under the sand. 

Perhaps this could be a way to offer shertler to refuges  or even a way to regenerate this ecosystem? Could architects use this system to protect some cities in the desert? 




Larsson still has a long way to go, he is working with  work on the laboratory to find the game changer for this technology that infects the earth to solidify its constitution.

His work now know as 'dune architecture' has been published on platforms like TEDtalk and also on WIRED magazine in 2009. Even being a futuristic construction method, it is opening up the way to a more synergic relashionship with the enviroment. 



by Tony Berrio 



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